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2017 Physical Sciences - Oncology Network Annual Investigators Meeting Poster Awardees


Scientific Categories

  • Novel Quantitative Methods
    • Poster Winner: Praneeth Reddy Sudalagunta of Moffitt Cancer Center PS-OC: Mechanistic modeling of response to therapy in multiple myeloma from ex vivo measurements
    • Honorable Mention: Mengrou Shan of Cornell University PS-OC: Elucidating the metabolic structure and dynamics within tumor cell populations
  • Single Cell Approaches to Physical Oncology
    • Poster Winner: Eugenia Lyashenko of Columbia University PS-OC: Receptor-Based mechanism of Relative Sensing in Mammalian Signaling Networks
    • Honorable Mention: Alexandra Sneider of Johns Hopkins PS-OC: Tumor Cell Density Induced Drug Responsiveness
  • Engineered Models of Cancer
    • Poster Winner: Joe Tien of Boston University TEC: Engineering Invasive Human Breast Tumors with Integrated Capillaries and Lymphatics
    • Honorable Mention: Katharina Kroll and Jennifer A. Lewis of Harvard University TEC: Towards Development and Validation of a 3D Vascularized melanoma on Chip Model
  • Tumor Microenvironment & Immune Cell Interactions
    • Poster Winner: Michalina Janiszewska of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute PS-OC: Clonal cooperation enhances breast cancer metastasis through immunomodulation
    • Honorable Mention: Mehdi Damaghi of Moffitt Cancer Center PS-OC: Competition and coexistence between two cancer cell lines in response to glucose and pH in a 3D spheroid model
  • In Vivo & Organoid Models of Growth and Metastasis
    • Poster Winner: Alexandra McGregor of Cornell University PS-OC: Confined Migration and nuclear envelope rupture in a panel of breast cancer cell lines
    • Honorable Mention: Megumi Kaiof Houston Methodist Research Institute PS-OC: Spatial Temporal and heterogeneous changes in transport phenotype of multiple metastatic tumors
2017 Physical Sciences - Oncology Network Annual Investigators Meeting Poster Awardees