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Research Highlights

Recent publication from Dennis Discher’s group
DNA Damage Follows Repair Factor Depletion and Portends Genome Variation in Cancer Cells after Pore Migration; published in Current Biology
Mechanotransduction in cancer; published in Science Direct
Persistence-Driven Durotaxis: Generic, Directed Motility in Rigidity Gradients; published in APS Physics

Recent publications from Dr. Rabadan & Dr. Iavorone’s group
Spatiotemporal genomic architecture informs precision oncology in glioblastoma; published in Nature Genetics

Recent publications from Dr. Fischbach & Dr. Cantley’s group
Bursting the Bubble – Nuclear Envelope Rupture as a Path to Genomic Instability; published in Science Direct

Recent publications from Dr. O’Halloran & Dr. Licht’s group
Epigenetic characteristics of the mitotic chromosome in 1D and 3D; published in Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Recent publications from Dr. Michor & Dr. Holland’s group
Phase 1 study of twice weekly pulse dose and daily low-dose erlotinib as initial treatment for patients with EGFR-mutant lung cancers; published in Annals of Oncology

Recent publications from Dr. Ferrari’s group
Lipopolyplex potentiates anti-tumor immunity of mRNA-based vaccination; published in Science Direct

Recent publications from Drs. Gatenby, Gillies, and Anderson’s group
Defining cancer subpopulations by adaptive strategies rather than molecular properties provides novel insights into intratumoral evolution; published in Cancer Research

Recent publications from Drs. Odde, Largaespada, and Rosenfeld’s group
Anisotropic forces from spatially constrained focal adhesions mediate contact guidance directed cell migration; published in Nature Communications

Recent publications from Dr. Kamm’s group
On-chip human microvasculature assay for visualization and quantification of tumor cell extravasation dynamics; published in Nature Protocols
Interplay of Platelet Contractility and Elasticity of Fibrin/Erythrocytes in Blood Clot Retraction; published in Science Direct
Brillouin flow cytometry for label-free mechanical phenotyping of the nucleus; published in Lab on a Chip

Recent publications from Dr. Groves & Weaver’s group
Force-dependent breaching of the basement membrane; published in Science Direct

Recent publications from multiple PSOC’s & PSOPs
Modeling the two-way feedback between contractility and matrix realignment reveals a nonlinear mode of cancer cell invasion; published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences