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2014 Events


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Gordon Research Conference on Circulating Tumor Cells and Metastasis. August 3-8, 2014. Mount Holyoake College, MA. .
Epithelial progenitor and stem cells, mesenchymal cells, fetal cells, and circulating tumor cells are normally relegated to extravascular organs but can traffic within the blood stream to initiate a number of important biological processes, such as organ repair and regeneration, angiogenesis, and metastasis. This conference will bring together engineers, biologists, and clinicians to address the wide range of interest in these rare cell populations, particularly cancer-relevant cells.
7th World Congress of Biomechanics (July 6-11, 2014, Boston, MA)
This conference organized by World Congress of Biomechanics (WCB) is an international meeting held once every four years. This, the 7th WCB, will once again bring together engineers, scientists from various disciplines including biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry and various clinical specialties to present their latest finding that range from basic biology to medical devices technologies. The NCI, in conjunction with the US National Committee on Biomechanics (USNCB), is organizing a podium session on August 7, "Biomechanics in Oncology"
Physical Sciences in Oncology Symposium. April 2, 2014. Bethesda, MD
The Physical Sciences in Oncology Symposium will convene on April 2 in the Natcher Conference Center (8:45AM - 5:30PM). The Symposium includes a diverse group of participants from both the NIH intramural and extramural communities who embrace the physical sciences and engineering perspectives to study how cancer cells and tumors organize, sense, communicate, adapt and evolve. While speakers will highlight recent scientific efforts, the Symposium provides a venue for participants to engage in thoughtful discussions outside of their usual comfort zone, and importantly, make new productive contacts in this highly collaborative atmosphere.
NCI Strategic Workshop: Biomimetic Tissue Engineered Systems for Advancing Cancer Research. February 26, 2014. Rockville, MD.
The field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine has made advances in developing in vitro and ex vivo model systems to recreate tissues and their microenvironment. At this workshop we will assess the next steps for developing tissue engineered systems for cancer research and to determine what type of infrastructure or funding support may be required to advance current technologies.