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Upcoming Events

Innovation Lab: Systems Biology for the Cancer Microbiome
The 2019 Innovation Lab: Systems Biology for the Cancer Microbiome is jointly organized by the National Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to explore the intersection of systems biology and the cancer microbiome. It will be held April 29- May 3rd, 2019 at the Beaver Hollow Conference Center in Java Center, NY. Microbiome researchers have utilized sophisticated bioinformatic approaches to analyze and integrate various data types but have found it much more challenging to effectively build models that provide insights into the complex interactions that can lead to emergent systems-level behaviors. Cancer systems biologists bring together experimental cancer biology with mathematical modeling to understand cancer processes, but as a field has made little headway into incorporating the impact of the microbiome on the prevention, initiation, and progression of cancer. The Innovation Lab: Systems Biology for the Cancer Microbiome will bring together experts from a variety of to form new collaborations, ideate and refine new projects, and identify opportunities to accelerate research on the influence of the microbiome in cancer. The deadline to submit applications is January 25th, 2019 and more information can be found here:

High School Internship Program in Integrated Mathematical Oncology
HIP IMO is an integrated mathematical oncology centric internship program that delivers interdisciplinary team science research experiences for high school students aged 16 or older by the time of the internship. This mentored summer training program is designed for motivated aspiring scientists to help prepare them for interdisciplinary cancer research careers. The program runs for 8 weeks: June 10 - August 2, 2019. HIP IMO students will receive a Richard O. Jacobson IMO Scholarship of $1,000. Out of town students may receive an additional up to $1,500 for travel and lodging expenses. Applications for the 2019 HIP IMO program are now open with an application deadline of February 1, 2019. Interested students should download an application form and visit the website for more information:

NCI Systems Biology and Physical Sciences Summer Research Program
The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Cancer Systems Biology Consortium and Physical Sciences in Oncology Network are offering rising Junior and Senior undergraduates with outstanding research potential the opportunity to work closely with faculty mentors from NCI-supported institutions for an 8-week summer fellowship. The 2019 summer research program is designed specifically for students to gain experience in the interdisciplinary fields of systems biology and physical oncology. Students who are especially interested in cancer research careers are encouraged to apply. Opportunities are available at 15 research institutions across the United States. Stipend, housing, and travel to and from the host institution are covered by NCI. Additionally, students will convene at the NIH in Bethesda, MD, mid-way through the summer to present their research and network with their peers. Detailed information about the program and application instructions can be found at: The application deadline is February 15, 2019. Please contact Erin Wetzel ( if you have any questions about the program.

Prospects in Theoretical Physics 2019
Prospects in Theoretical Physics is an intensive two-week summer program typically designed for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars considering a career in theoretical physics. Each year since 2002, the program has provided lectures and informal sessions on the latest advances and open questions in a different area of theoretical physics. PiTP 2019 is titled 'Great Problems in Biology for Physicists,' and will cover topics ranging from virology, cancer, and immunology to machine learning and neural networks. The program dates are July 15-26, 2019 and an online application will be open from December 14, 2018-February 15, 2019. Please visit their website for more information:

Recent Events

Gordon Research Conference on Physical Science of Cancer
The second Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Physical Science of Cancer will be held in Galveston, TX on February 10-15, 2019. The application deadline to attend the meeting is January 13, 2019. Visit the GRC website for more information and to apply.

2018 CSBC/PS-ON Annual Investigators Meeting
The Annual Investigators Meeting is scheduled for September 25-28, 2018 at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. The annual investigators meeting is intended to catalyze collaboration among investigators from the Cancer Systems Biology Consortium (CSBC) and Physical Sciences – Oncology Network (PS-ON), as well as provide an opportunity to hear presentations on and discuss new data, resources and tools that are available to the community. Both the PS-ON and CSBC program are trans/inter-disciplinary programs that bring quantitative and computational sciences to cancer biology, with the PS-ON focused on the intersection of physical sciences and oncology and the CSBC focused on systems biology approaches to cancer. The 2018 meeting was collaboratively planned by a steering committee comprising PS-ON investigators (David Odde and Jonathan Licht), CSBC investigators (Andrea Bild and Trey Ideker), a patient advocate (Carole Baas), Sage Bionetworks (Julie Bletz) and NCI Program Staff (Shannon Hughes, Nas Zahir, Elyse Gillen, and Erin Wetzel). Please visit the website for more information.

University of Minnesota Workshop: Modeling Cellular Mechanics in Cancer
The University of Minnesota will be holding a workshop on Modeling Cellular Mechanics in Cancer which will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 2-4, 2018. Topics to be covered include cell adhesion & migration mechanics, cell growth & proliferation mechanics, and the mechanics of cell signaling.

Each center and project is invited to nominate one individual to attend this workshop. UMN can cover the cost of lodging for two nights and will host a dinner on May 3rd. Other expenses will be the responsibility of the attendee. Please nominate attendees by emailing Bo Connelly, UMN PSOC Manager, at your nominee's name, title, and a short description of their research interests.