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Data Portal

The data portal for the NCI Physical Sciences-Oncology Network (PS-ON) and the Cancer Systems Biology Consortium (CSBC) is hosted on Synapse. The Synapse site will serve as a public-facing repository for the data being produced by the projects in the PS-ON and CSBC to enable data to be released as it is made available.

Below are links to public data sets generated by the Physical Sciences-Oncology Network.
  1. Physical Sciences – Oncology Network Data Coordinating Center (DCC)
    The Data Coordinating Center serves as the main data portal for sharing data across the Physical Sciences – Oncology Network and with the public.
    The following data generated from the PS-ON is now available:
    • Genomic Characterization of Cell Lines
      • mRNA
      • miRNA
      • Exome
    • Physical Characterization of Cell Lines
      • Atomic Force Microscopy
      • Motility
      • Morphology
      • Traction force
      • Volume
    • A physical sciences network characterization of non-tumorigenic and metastatic cells
    • The effect of two pre-analytical variables (type of collection tube and time to analysis) on the detection and enumeration of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)
  2. Physical Sciences in Oncology NCIP Hub group
    This group on the NCIP Hub serves as a platform for researchers to share data and collaborate on trans-disciplinary projects.
  3. A physical sciences network characterization of non-tumorigenic and metastatic cells. Sci. Rep. 3, 1449; DOI:10.1038/srep01449 (2013).


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