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Bioresource Core

 PS-OC Network Bioresource Core Facility

The Physical Sciences-Oncology Network Bioresource Core Facility (PBCF) at ATCC is a central resource for all members of the Physical Sciences-Oncology Network (PS-ON), Cancer Systems Biology Consortium (CSBC) and collaborators. The PBCF serves as a centralized distributor and repository providing the Network with common stocks of an authenticated set of non-malignant and cancerous cell lines, their derivatives, cell culture reagents, and related standard operating protocols. Investigators outside of the Network who agree to actively participate in data sharing and integration efforts are welcome to join the Network. Datasets of published work using the PBCF cell lines will be required to be deposited in the PS-ON Data Coordinating Center (DCC).

Unique features of the PBCF include:

  • Free cost of each cell line or derivative (shipping & handling only)
  • Each batch of cell lines originates from the same lot number and passage number making their use ideal for collaborative studies
  • 41 distinct cell lines are available from 8 cancer types and non-malignant counterparts, all with detailed culture SOPs
  • First shipment of each cell line includes a media/reagent starter kit
  • DNA and RNA extracts are available for each cell line; protein extracts available for one cell line
  • Genome characterization data for all cell lines are in progress and will be shared via the PS-ON Data Coordinating Center (DCC) by Winter 2014
  • Physical characterization data for many cell lines in response to varying substrate stiffness and ECM ligand are in progress and will be shared via the PS-ON DCC by Spring 2015

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Available cell lines and derivatives

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