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Michael Graham Espey, Ph.D., M.T.

Image of Michael Graham Espey

Program Director
Division of Cancer Biology
Physical Sciences-Oncology
National Cancer Institute

Dr. Michael Graham Espey joined the NCI as a Program Manager from the NIH intramural program, where for more than 15 years as a Staff Scientist he conducted basic, pre-clinical and translational research. His expertise is in the integration of multiple fields of study including biochemistry, cancer, immunology, infectious disease and neuroscience. A common thread is his interest in redox mechanisms that interface chemistry with biology. Dr. Espey began his career in clinical pathology as a Board certified Medical Technologist and worked in the University of Iowa Hospital, Georgetown University Hospital and the NIH Clinical Center in hematology, immunology, virology, transfusion medicine and organ transplant laboratories. He received his Ph.D. with distinction from Georgetown University jointly in Biology and Physiology for work on tryptophan metabolism in the immune system of the brain and secondary lymphoid tissues. As a NIH postdoctoral fellow at the NIDDK, Dr. Espey examined neuroimmunology and inflammation associated with retroviral infection. As a NIH Staff Scientist, he worked in both NCI and NIDDK on innate immunology, cancer - tumor microenvironment redox mechanisms, in particular the interplay between oxygen, nitric oxide and associated reactive species in terms of cancer biology and therapeutic interventions. Dr. Espey has strong interests in imaging, biophysical instrumentation and drug development. He is the lead NIH FAES Professor for Molecular and Cellular Biology and serves on peer review for over 40 scientific journals. He resides in Great Falls, VA.