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New Physical Sciences-Oncology Network Members


April 2017

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) supports the integration of physical sciences and cancer research with 3 new Physical Sciences-Oncology Projects (PS-OPs). The newly awarded PS-ON members that will be supported from 2017-2022 are:

  • Georgia Institute of Technology PS-OP led by Drs. Cheng Zhu & Dr. Michelle Krogsgaard “Mechanisms of Impaired T-Cell Mechanosensing of Melanoma Antigens”
  • University of Michigan PS-OP led by Drs. Gary Luker and Joerg Lahann “Environmental Regulation of Cancer Stem Cell Plasticity in Metastasis”
  • California Institute of Technology PS-OP led by Drs. James Heath & Wei Wei “Steady States and Cellular Transitions Associated with Carcinogenesis and Tumor Progression”